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Acrylic on Board 12x16inch 30x41cm Karl Ghattas 1985 Signe


Karl, a self-taught British artist and poet, originally trained, qualified and worked as a doctor and later studied philosophy at LSE.  During the last years of his life he lived in Barcelona.His art is in public and private collections in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong, USA and Italy. 

Ghattas' art can be seen in part as the response to his philosophical studies and in particular the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. This philosopher, like Karl, attached great importance to the spiritual / aesthetic dimension of life: how art can communicate and affect us in a way we cannot satisfactorily articulate and so (according to Wittgenstein) must pass over in silence.

Ghattas uses varied media in his artistic expression, including oil, brush and ink, prints, video or poetry.

For many years, he was a visiting lecturer at Winchester School of Art and was an assessor for Westminster Arts, London. Group exhibitions included The Laing Open, Mall Galleries; Affordable Art Company; Connaught Brown (1993); Courtauld Institute of Art’s Biennial(1996). Solo shows at Z Gallery, New York; Gallerie Everart, Paris; Addison-Ross Gallery, London; Egyptian Cultural Institute, London; Hirschl Contemporary Art, London; Galeria Panorama, Barcelona; Newport Museum, Wales. His work  'Images of God' a series of oils on canvas exhibited at Stockport Museum,in Wales(1999), was described as ‘a stunning metaphysical investigation through artistic expression’. 

The video "Islam. The call to Prayer" (MACBA 2006) is part of a tryptic exploring the essence of Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Whispers of Mortality - Karl Ghattas

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