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Acrylic on paper

60 x 40cm




Cuckoo Gallery presents this colourful show of works by Bashar Ali, a self-taught artist, originally from the Middle East and now living in South East England.

His work is a collision of both eastern and western influences: an explosion of colourful imagery and beautiful forms. A spectacular series of works that will get under your skin.

His work is a response to a need for intimacy in a world of isolation imposed as a result of the Covid pandemic.

We asked Bashar to tell us more about this powerful collection of works.

"The idea behind this show came as a result of that thing that happened, that big “P” word that we’re still recovering from.

When one is facing isolation from the world and the only link is through our devices. This has had a detrimental effect on mental health and all one craves are the simplest of things such as the ability to hug someone and the intimacy that it brings.

Those days instigated the prolonged scrolling through Grindr but searching for the thing that that kind of app was never able to offer (well unless it was a fetishized form of a cuddle...)

Seeing people hug on tv or online was better than porn! That hug became the emblem, an encapsulation of freedom that one needed.

As a result, it was only natural for me to paint some of these pieces to feel a sense of closeness to what I’m missing." B. Ali

Cuckoo's new show joins the Margate's Art Map A number of galleries will be opening new shows on 5 August 2022. A great day to enjoy the Margate buzzing and inspiring art scene, its many galleries, innovative energy and friendly creative community.

"Untitled" - from show F*ck Sex I Wanna Hug"

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