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Cuckoo Gallery presents an exhibition of works by, Shane McCoubrey
11th March, 2022 - 6th May, 2023


Irish artist Shane McCoubrey fuses natural materials and his love of the great outdoors in a new show called “Elements”.


Shane uses handmade inks, sand, crushed chalk from cliff falls, tiny beach fragments, resin, gold ,copper, and silver leaf, crushed dyed quartz and even particles of diamond dust. These are layered together to build up a textured surface which imitates Nature itself.


“Elements” is a unique exhibition in a space created for just three pieces. These bring an intensity to the viewer’s experience, invoking the power of nature itself.


Shane grew up on a farm in Ireland. After graduating from art school in England, he worked for luxury brands including Gucci and Ferrari before returning to painting full-time. Most of Shane’s works are commissions and his paintings have been acquired by collectors around the world. Through his art, Shane advocates good mental health in the workplace. He recently donated 5 substantial works to the QEQM Hospital in Margate to adorn their empty walls. His work is said to uplift and inspire NHS workers and patients as they walk by. It has been commended by the East Kent Charity as a ‘runaway success’.

Private View 3pm - 7pm,

Saturday, 11th March 2023

Cuckoo Gallery

191 Northdown Road

Margate CT9 2PA



Cuckoo Gallery offers a captivating selection of abstract, contemporary and classic works by established artists and emerging new talents.

Established in 2002, the gallery features works that will challenge perceptions. 

We work with the artists to curate a show and allow them total creative freedom throughout from studio to gallery right up to the point of showing it to you, the audience. Our price tags reflect this. 


Cuckoo Gallery offers collectors an excellent selection of artists' works visually beguiling and a solid investment they can fall in love with.



Private view 11th March 2023 at 3pm

Address / 191 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 2PA

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