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Other Contemporary Artists

A selection of works from a number of contemporary artists using different mediums: oil, brush and ink, fotography, prints.

RoundPrint Siged SLE Framed 27x27cm
Poppies18x24inch 45x61cmOilOnCanvasSignedandDated1990Greekalphabet
Pen on paper Surrealist School untitled and unsigned 42x50cm 16x20 inch
Monoprint signed 52x73cm framed
Monoprint Framed and Signed 26x44cm
HomagetoMatisse pen and wash Ying Li 15x8inch 38x45cm
GSherwood_David_Signed and Framed 30x34
GSherwood_Paris_Signed and Framed 30x34
FishUnsigned17x23inch 43x58cm framed
AdamButler_Unique_Print_Signed and Framed35x52cm
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