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 Cameron Fraser

Cameron was raised in country Victoria where he was surrounded by an expanse of space. A landscape that when seen from a distance looks almost empty, save a few gnarled and noble gums or a herd of cattle. But the land is not empty; it holds evidence of history, of life. Cameron looks at an enormous space up close, inch-by-inch, and notices each detail that makes the whole. He strives to master the art of looking intently and clearly at something. The art of listening to silence.

Cameron’s work is the vision of someone who reads between the lines. Someone who bothers to climb underneath what the rest of us walk over and pick up the things that have fallen through the cracks. Someone who stays silent and still long enough to hear what is never said out aloud.

There is a distinctive essence in Cameron’s work that is at once obvious and difficult to explain. The sculptor Alberto Giacometti once said, “One could not express in words what one feels with ones eyes and ones hands”. There is a real sense of feeling in his prints. Looking at each piece one knows that its’ simplicity is deceiving. It can be compared to reading a story when you know the characters have lives beyond what you read on the page. Each piece has a history – details that are not there for us to see but we are allowed to feel if we let the silence and space communicate.

Carborundum is a fine sand generally used for making sandpaper and preparing lithographic stones.A Monoprint is a one off, a Unique state print. Itmeans that the image is printed once and due to the working process cannot be repeated like a traditional editioned print.

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