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'Three Artists, 9 Works: a Triptych Experience'

Saturday 13 May (PV 3pm) – 22 July 2023
This ‘triptych experience’ brings together works by three skilled and very collectable local artists; Darcy Brenna, Lloyd Awful and Steve Parnell. The viewer will have the opportunity to discover more about their different styles and vision. Through a series of three groupings of their paintings in three triptychs -9 works in total- the exhibition will bring the opportunity to compare side by side the different use of colour, line, style, medium and expression.


This special collaboration between Cuckoo Gallery, Darcy Brenna, Lloyd Awful and Steve Parnell is a once in a lifetime opportunity to appreciate the effect of these unique works exhibited together.

Darcy Brenna is a Multidisciplinary Artist currently on the Tracey Emin Artist Residency. Their work is often autobiographical and explores their human experience. It deals with trauma and understanding this complex world. Through painterly and cathartic markings, Darcy explodes their mind onto canvas. Their work is innate and gestural which manifests as fractured figures which reveal themselves through the process.


Lloyd Awful is a 38-year-old Neurodivergent, autodidact artist. Everything is an experiment and he enjoys pushing boundaries and challenging himself. Most of his works are executed in ‘one hit’ alla prima method -in which pigments are laid on in a single application- as it’s the only way to express the emotion he is feeling in that moment. His only purpose is to evoke a deep sensation within the viewer. Whether the spectator’s response is love or hate, the mission is only unaccomplished if someone is left indifferent.


Steve Parnell studied at The University of Brighton, graduating in Critical Fine Art Practice.

The paintings are figurative/abstract compositions drawing inspiration from observations, photos, mass media and personal memories.

His technique includes raw and bold mark making, embracing the properties of the medium, the abstract ‘pushing and pulling’ at the narrative. Combining these elements of visual art and narrative painting he works to explore his subject matter.


Private view 13 May 23 at 3pm - 7pm

Address / 191 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 2PA

Dates / 13 May 2023 - 22 July 2023

Opening Times/ Monday–Friday, 10–4pm or by appointment / Saturday-Sunday by appointment only / Free entry/

Website / Email /

Instagram @CuckooGalleryCom

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