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In response to the overwhelming success of the ongoing show, a considerable portion of the exhibited artwork has been acquired by enthusiastic collectors. To ensure continued enjoyment for visitors until the show's finale on July 22nd, the artists have introduced a selection of fresh and stunning pieces that you can view at Cuckoo from 24/06/June until the end of the show.

Cuckoo Gallery – June 2023

New Work by Darcy Brenna and Steven Parnell.


Submerged in Blue

Darcy Brenna

Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal, on stretched canvas 40 x 40



This feeling engulfed me

Darcy Brenna

Acrylic, oil pastel and charcoal, on stretched canvas 40 x 40




Steven Parnell

1 Gin and Tonics in the Hammock

Oil, charcoal, on 60 x 60 canvas,framed 2022


2 Memory Lane –Drinking at Sandra’s Place

Oil, charcoal, acrylic and aerosol-on 1x1canvast,framed 2022


3 Where did Mitch go?   

Oil, charcoal, on 60 x 50 canvas,framed 2022


"3 Artists, 9 Works, A Triptych Experience" at Cuckoo Gallery invites you to immerse yourself in the collective vision of three extraordinary artists: Darcy Brenna, Lloyd Awful, and Steven Parnell. Specially created for this unique collaboration, each triptych unfolds a captivating story on a 60x80 canvas.

Darcy Brenna's powerful "Triptych of Blues" captures melancholy, introspection, and transience. Lloyd Awful's enigmatic "Chaos in Colour" unravels narratives of mystery and introspection. Steven Parnell's intriguing "Self Portrait as an Abstract Impressionist Painting Nudes" merges self-identity and artistic expression.

Each panel tells a personal journey within the larger triptych, providing an immersive experience that celebrates the depth and diversity of artistic talent. This exhibition showcases the unique perspectives and creative journeys of Darcy, Lloyd, and Steven, while paying homage to Margate's vibrant artistic scene, where these captivating triptychs were conceived and brought to life.

Exhibition Details:

Triptych of Blues.png

"Triptych of Blues" by Darcy Brenna

Mixed media on 60x80 canvas (gesso, acrylic, oil stick), 2023

Panel 1: Sunder | SOLD

Panel 2: Until the End | SOLD

Panel 3: This House Will One Day Return to a Fungal Grave | SOLD

"Chaos in Colour" by Lloyd Awful:

Acrylic and glitter on 60x80 canvas, 2023

Panel 1: Margate's Full of Magic |

Panel 2: Damien Who? |

Panel 3: One Night with Me, A Lifetime of Therapy |

"Self Portrait as an Abstract Impressionist Painting Nudes" by Steven Parnell (SOLD)

Oil, acrylic and charcoal on 60x80 linen, 2023

Left Panel | (SOLD)

Centre Panel | (SOLD)

Right Panel | (SOLD)


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